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​Who We Are

KCALF (Know Christ and Live Forever) is a non-denominational UK-registered Christian charity and training centre providing spiritual and practical support to individuals, families and communities.


The centre is set within 1.5 acres of landscaped gardens high up in the lush mountains of Mampong - a 45 minute drive from Accra.

Our skills and education programmes are prodominantly aimed at developing and supporting the spiritual and practical needs of under-priviledged children, young adults, single parents and the elderly.

KCALF is pleased to partner with institutions in realising its vision to positively transform lives within Mampong and the surrounding region. 

How you can help

​Partner with us and make a donation towards supplies for clothing, school books and equipment, children's toys and funding for the building project.


Current Activities

​KCALF, through its local representatives, is liaising with local schools and the community to develop its understanding of urgent needs.


A purpose-built office and training centre is under construction to facilitate the programmes and spiritual support. A local building is being used as a temporary office and presence on the ground.


The first few shipments of children's clothing and school equipment have been shipped from the UK.

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