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KCALF (Know Christ and Live Forever) is a non-denominational UK registered Christian charity and training centre providing spiritual and practical support to individuals, families and communities.


Our skills and education programmes are prodominantly aimed at developing and supporting the spiritual and practical needs of under-priviledged children, young adults, single parents and the elderly.

KCALF is pleased to partner with institutions in realising its vision to positively transform lives within Mampong and the surrounding region. 

KCALF is registered under the UK Charity Commission (Reg No. 1172850) and is regulated under this authority.

As part of the charity regulations and for good accountability purposes, your donation will be deposited into KCALF's bank account which is managed by a Board of Trustees.

  Donations are welcome by cheque or bank transfer


  For donations in UK please pay into:  

  Account Name: KCALF

  Bank: Lloyds TSB, Wellington Branch, UK

  Sort Code: 77-27-25

  Account No: 56579768


  IBAN: GB21 LOYD 7727 2556 5797 68


  For donations in Ghana please pay into:

  Account name: KCALF

  Bank: G T Bank, Ring Road, Accra

  Account No: 219101638110


  Alternatively donations can be made by 'Paypal'.

  Click the 'donate'  button below


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