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KCALF (Know Christ and Live Forever) is a non-denominational UK registered Christian charity and training centre providing spiritual and practical support to individuals, families and communities.


The centre is set within 1.5 acres of landscaped gardens high up in the lush mountains of Mampong - a 45 minute drive from Accra.

Our skills and education programmes are prodominantly aimed at developing and supporting the spiritual and practical needs of under-priviledged children, young adults, single parents and the elderly. A number of programmes to train youth and support the elderly are under development. Farming is one such programme which is being developed specifically for equipping youth and intended to be provided on a nearby farm under the supervision of experienced farmers. 

The building will be designed to facilitate individuals and groups in a tranquil Christian setting with provision for training and conference rooms, dining facilities, a prayer room and opportunity for retreating.

KCALF is pleased to partner with institutions in realising its vision to positively transform lives within Mampong and the surrounding region. 



The Vision

In 2010 the Lord intervened in my private plans. It had been my desire to set up a centre to encourage Christian youth from around the world to visit Ghana. My intention was to develop a small hostel for this purpose up in the Akwapim Mountains in Mampong, Ghana.

As I prayerfully laid out my plans before the Lord, He asked 'what are you going to do for Me?'. This led to a vision in which I saw a centre where there would be 24/7 prayer and the Lord would apprear with 'signs and wonders'. I sensed this was divine intervention and my heart and thoughts began to fill with a Christian centre that would facilitate support to the underprivileged in the community. So began an unexpected yet exciting journey to fulfil this vision.

The Land

With my new found purpose I sought the help of my brother, Emmanuel, and trusted friends to enquire of suitable sites in the Mampong area. After their tireless efforts I was informed of a plot adjacent to a stream. I knew before seeing the land that it was 'the one' and proceded in faith with the aquisition.


The Aquisition

The 1.5 acre plot happened to be part of a larger family 'stool', therefore, the purchase needed a seal of approval from the local chieftaincy. In keeping with local customs and traditions part of the payment was made in 'liquor' and 'sheep'.


About Ann

Born in Accra (Ghana - West Africa), Ann is a devout follower of Christ. She has been blessed with three children and five grandchildren. Having worked as a professional dress maker, fashion designer, chef and foster parent, Ann spends much of her time catering and serving her community through her local church. Ann lives in England and travels to Ghana regularly.​

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